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Avas Flowers Reviews (Reviewed By A Florist)

Avas Flowers is an online florist that does not create a majority of the bouquets that are sold on their site. They send orders through third party networks and you receive flowers from a local florist who chooses to fill the order at a discoutned rate.There are an overwhleming amount of negative reviews scattered online but in 2021 The New Jersey Attorney General reached a settlement with Avas Flowers to resolve consumer fraud allegations.

Yelp - Avas Flowers has 3,400 reviews with a rating of 1.1 stars out 5. The most recent reviews are from June 17, 2024 from a customer who received their flower delivery 2 days late with half wilted roses that we're losing their petals (Matt W - Portland, ME) There were no positive reviews on the first page of yelp to include in my review.

Yelp (Another One!) - Avas Flowers has a second Yelp page with an additional 2,500 reviews and an aggregate star rating of 1.1. The most recent review on June 17th, 2024 is from Susan N. in Tennessee that ordered funeral flowers to be delivered to a graveside service and received an email an hour after service asking if subsitutions could be made. She also claims they deceptively represented themselves as a local florist in Louisiana. However, a Yelper in San Francisco left a 5 star review in April of 2024 for a gift basket that they were very happy with.

Facebook - Avas Flowers has an entire Facebook group dedicated to customer's frustrations that has over 3,000 followers. Ava's unsuccessfuly attempted to sue the creator of this group in 2022 but a Delaware judge rejected the libel claim. The Flower Bucket offers a 7 day replacement guarantee on all of our bouquets and is highly rated everywhere we have an actual flower shop. You should always use Google maps when you looking for a florist - find one near your recipient with at least a 4.5 star rating for a great floral experience!